Climate Change Project

Climate Community Project Launch

Power of the Mind Networks was funded by The National Lottery Community Fund to run a 6month project called Community Conversations. This was from November to April and the conversations were centered around climate change and the detrimental effects of this. Discussions were on how we as individuals, communities, and small businesses can contribute to climate preservation. At Power of the Mind Networks, we believe that saving the planet is everyone’s business.eo.

The launch event was a presentation by young people on what they want us to do to save the planet. There was a lot of celebration drumming and food.

Customization of Clothes

Facilitated by Lemon pops this was a workshop on upcycling of tired old clothes so as to give them a new life. This is a way of using clothes longer than normal thereby avoiding filling up of bins with clothes.


Small Business Presentation

This event was a presentation by small businesses on what they are doing to save the planet. We were also given 80 tips on saving the planet. The event ended with a sampling of edible insects. The introduction of edible insects to our diet will result in a reduction of carbon emissions, reduction in land degradation, and reduction in air miles to transport large chunks of meat as opposed to smaller insects and yet protein content in insects is higher gram for gram.

International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day event was about women coming together and discussing what they know about the climate and how we are preventing climate change at the individual level. This was in collaboration with The National Lottery Fund and Widows of Substance.

We also had women business entrepreneurs talking about their businesses and how as women we have to be mindful of climate change when starting businesses. They were reminded about the importance of starting climate-friendly businesses that have minimal carbon emissions.

Litter Picking

Our last event, litter picking was about teaching our children the importance of the correct disposal of litter and sorting recycling materials from non-recycling ones. We also talked about the effects of litter on drainages and aquatic life along the River Nene.