Birth Of Our Ubuntu Warm Hearts Project

As part of the Covid-19 relief initiative, Power of the Mind Networks is offering Afro infusion hot meals under our Ubuntu Warm Hearts project. This is for the vulnerable people under 3months quarantine or those who have been asked to self-isolate. So far, we have gone out and served 40 dinners to the elderly.
Apart from African-inspired hot meals, we are also offering a befriending service for those who want someone to talk to. At present, we are creating a list of those who need our services. Please contact us if you know anyone who needs this or if you would like to volunteer. This service is only for those who live in Northampton.
Our hearts are full from the positive feedback we have gotten from this project so far. We received a phone call from one vulnerable person who lives alone and has been struggling to cook meals for themselves. He is over the moon as he has some ready to eat meals in his freezer. We are so thankful for our team of volunteers for all the hard work and kind hearts!