16 Days of Activism 2023

For 16 days of Activism against gender-based violence this year, we had 2 events. One on the 6th of December we collaborated with other members of the Black Women’s Domestic Abuse group and hosted an event at the Grosvenor centre where we were giving awareness to Domestic abuse issues and also handing out flyers.

Our second event was on the 8th of December where we hosted our own event as Power of the Mind Networks. At the event, we had UON students as Speakers and also Cllrs Stone and Fartun. The main Speaker at this event was Farisai Dzemwa who has lived experience with domestic abuse. She also talked about the support she gives to other survivors and those going through domestic abuse. We had an attendance of 41 people at the event and the messages shared were powerful. As evidenced by people needing our support, this is a much-needed service in our community and if we can save one person from being murdered, to us it is a very big achievement. One life lost through Domestic abuse is one life too many.