Father’s Day Celebration 2024

On the 29th of June, 2024, we had the pleasure of hosting our first-ever Father’s Day celebration, and it was truly an unforgettable event.

Recognizing that all our previous activities primarily focused on empowering women, we saw the need to include men in our community support efforts. This event marked the beginning of our initiative to address the mental health challenges faced by men and boys, encouraging them to embrace vulnerability and express their emotions.

Held at Swansgate Shopping Centre on June 29th, the celebration featured incredible food, lively music, and inspiring speakers who resonated deeply with our attendees. It was heartening to see men and women come together to acknowledge the importance of emotional well-being for everyone.

We are thrilled with the success of this event and look forward to organizing more inclusive and impactful gatherings in the future. Thank you to everyone who attended and made this day special!