Widows Of Substance

Widows of Substance

Widows of Substance provides a support system for widows. Our vision is to create a strong network of widows. We seek to empower our members through shared experiences. We open the door to a new world for widows, ensuring they do not go through their experience alone, but with life-long connections and lasting support.

Our non-denominational organization looks to assist widowed women, married or unmarried, who have lost their partner and are looking to find hope for a brighter day.

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Why do we work with widows?

Some of the challenges faced by widows include:

  • Loneliness
  • Poverty
  • Grief and Trauma
  • Inheritance Issues
  • Accusations that they killed their husbands for financial gain
  • Wife Inheritance
Widows of Substance

How we support Widows of Substance members?

  • We have created an online Facebook group which has 74 members and a Whatsapp group with 31 members. 
  • Members are writing their stories for our book Widows of Substance, our stories of resilience. 25 stories have been shared on the Facebook group so far.
  • The book is to bring awareness to issues around Widowhood, and for society to know how they can support Widows. 
  • We are fundraising for a fund to enable Widows to start income-generating projects for them to support their families